Horsetrainer Relax

All-round well-being with an effect

What is Horsetrainer Relax good for?

HORSE-TRAINER RELAX is a unique method to improve the horse's blood circulation and relax the muscles. Whether it is rehabilitation after damage, preparation for training or for massaging the horse after work. HORSE-TRAINER RELAX is an innovative product that supports and facilitates the work of the trainer, from preparation for competitions to training after an injury - the optimal solution for the horse.

Improved blood circulation and wellbeing for the horse!

HORSE-TRAINER RELAX is a massage machine for horses. It can be used in professional training stables, by ambitious front runners, in racing stables, as well as in rehabilitation centers for all types of horses.

HORSE-TRAINER RELAX is a pleasant and relaxing method for horses to improve blood circulation and relax the muscles. In addition to the massage over the bobbing floor, the horse's back is treated with heat from IR lamps and hot air from the built-in blowers.

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